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"Protegent Enterprise Security"

  • Enterprise Security Solution for Business Houses
  • Centralized Management and Reporting
  • Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Data Leakage Prevention Solution
  • Asset Management with Asset Tagging and Tracking

"Enterprise Security Solution By Protegent"

  • Control Application Settings & Deploy Resources to Users
  • Data Leakage Protection Solution
  • Acquires Application & Internet activity
  • Monitors every Action on System
  • Monitors Real Time Hard Drive Status

Protegent Enterprise Security Solution

Protegent Enterprise Security solution is developed to protect SME’s and Enterprise data & assets from theft and being misused. PES works as Centralized manage software which manages all the user settings through centralized management console. Through the console policies can be created for each user/ department or group for their rights to use. Centralized Management increases Administrative Efficiency and reduces management costs to protect IT assets and data.


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Data Leakage Prevention module allows administrator to set policy of data transfer w.r.t each user or department to safeguard data/ file from unauthorized access. If a user even tries to violate his data transfer policy, administrator gets an alert for the same. Its email filtering feature also restricts user from sending unauthorized mails. It prevents vital and important data to be transferred from one pc to another using Flash drive, CD/DVD writers, PCMCIA port, Ethernet ports, Printer ports, infrared ports and Bluetooth port. It displays the alert as soon as an unauthorized action is performed against the locked ports. It provides complete log related to Permanent Blocked, Schedule Blocked or Unblocked Ports with actions performed including changes in setting, locking and unlocking the ports

Activity Monitoring and Reporting module enables management to monitor each employee activity on the system as well as on Internet. This would act as an ideal spy without the knowledge of the user that their every key stroke/ every activity on the computer or internet is being monitored and screen shot / report is generated on a regular basis. It helps in increasing the efficiency of each user as they cannot get involved in unproductive work during working hours. The unique feature of Activity Reporter to Whitelist and blacklist applications would enable you to monitor more effectively. This module creates complete working log and send periodic reports to server console. The features of Activity Reporter would definitely act as a foil for anyone to do any fraudulent activities in the organization.

Asset Management Module helps IT department to manage all laptop, desktops and their configurations. Once installed it tags all hardware and software installed in a system and it keeps the track of changes. Any change in system configuration w.r.t hardware or software, an alert is send to server console. Its early warning system also keeps informing administrator about health of hard drive. Asset Tracking tool tags and tracks the condition of Software Assets (i.e. Windows Info., Installed Software’s & reports) & Hardware Assets of computers (i.e. Memory, Storage, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard, Hard Disk, Network, Processor, Sound etc.) if any changes occur on the system. It does this by continuously monitoring various hard disk parameters (such as Hard disk Temperature, S.M.A.R.T and details). Asset tracking provides the feature of Disk Cloning (i.e. it can paste the contents of a potentially fatal disk on to a healthy disk) and Disk Scanning (i.e. display bad sectors on hard disks).


  • Data Leakage Prevention
  • Activity Reporter
  • PC Reporter

Why Protegent Enterprise Security

  • Customized central management tool
  • Centralized management of port access and user control
  • Automatic generation of database to store monitored activities
  • Optimized for Business Environments
  • Remotely manage the data prevention of multiple systems from a single location by blocking and unblocking ports
  • There is comprehensive customizable reporting for all modules/components which can be exported to HTML format.
  • Enterprises may choose the components to suit their requirements.


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