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"Protegent 360 –Complete Security Software "

  • Protegent Total Security to Protect and Cure Viruses
  • Monitor  child Activity With Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Prevent Laptop theft with  Locate Laptop
  • Data Leakage Prevention with Port Locker
  • Proactive Data Recovery with Crash Proof

"Complete Security by Protegent"

  • Malware/ Viruses Curing and Protection
  • Proactive Data Recovery to Recover Lost/Deleted Data
  • Laptop Tracking with Data Encryption
  • Restrict Data Transfer Through Any Ports with Port Locker
  • Monitor Your Child/ Employee Laptop and Internet Activity

Protegent 360 Complete Security Software

As the name suggests Protegent 360, Complete Security Software has been designed to provide 360 degree protection to protect business, data, child and laptops. Protegent360 secures your computer from viruses & internet threats and protects your business and data from unauthorized access and theft through Protegent Total Security.

Protegent360 also works as parenting software tool by providing complete activity details of your child on computer and internet via e-mail, enabling parents to guide child to right direction through its Activity Reporter Module.

Protegent360 also provides a special feature of laptop tracking for laptop user, which enables the user to continuously track the laptop location? If laptop is lost or stolen, Protegent at best tracks the laptop location via internet and if not connected to internet, encrypts your important data making it unreadable for others.

Port Locker module of Protegent360 protects your data from unauthorized access and theft. It prevents data/ file transfer through any port without your authorization or permission.

Crash Proof modules once installed recovers all lost/ deleted files. It also un-formats accidently or intentionally formatted drive.

Sysboost modules help in enhancing system speed by removing unwanted registry entries. It’s disk defragmenter tool helps in accessing the large files faster. Data wiping module permanently delete the files making them unrecoverable even by experts like us.


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  • Protegent Total Securtiy
  • Port Locker
  • Activity Reporter
  • Laptop Tracking
  • Crash Proof
  • Sys Boost

Why Protegent Complete Security

  • Complete security solution for viruses, spywares, malwares, online threats, etc
  • Provides 75% more features than any other security product
  • Inbuilt proactive data recovery software
  • Protect your confidential data from theft
  • Monitor & reporting of computer internet and application activity
  • Provides data encryption which protects your data in case of theft
  • Enhances system performance
  • Track your employee or laptop location





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