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"Data Loss Prevention By Unistal"

  • Assured 100% Results in Recovering Large Files
  • Recovers Fragmented File Even After Formatting
  • Fast Recovery Process with Original File Names
  • Recovers Data Files if Disk is not Booting Up

"Crash Proof – Data Loss Prevention Software"

  • A New Concept in Data Loss Prevention
  • No External Media Required
  • Revives Disk if Root Folder is Corrupted
  • Restores Deleted/Corrupted Partitions


Prevention is always better than cure, well this is judiciously justified with a Crash Proof program.


Crash Proof programming is a data protection software module, which skilfully records disk properties, file indexes, and keeps on updating them at regular time span. This module offers 100 percent certainty in rescuing and retrieving large files as well as restoring fragmented files post system formatting situation. The application is developed with several rich features that data loss prevention utility is respectively catered on the PC system. Moreover, it also takes image of your data index and assists data from getting damaged.


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Why Unistal Crash Proof

  • Recovers deleted/lost data
  • Reduces downtime and the downtime cost
  • Protects your data by taking the image of your data index
  • Recover any file instantly
  • Recover any formatted drive
  • Reduces time and cost of data recovery
  • Recovers fragmented files after formatting
  • Free demo version is also available


This software program is compatible with FAT 16, FAT 32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 and capable of  reducing downtime cost. Significantly, it rescues lost files, revives disk when there is a FAT error/ mismatch, revives disk/ drive/ partition if it goes missing, recovers data files if disk is not booting,  and revives disk if root folder is corrupted.




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