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Pipeline Construction Management Solution

This is a Web based pipeline information management system which can archive various data related to pre-construction, supply, inspection, delivery, construction, hydro-testing, commissioning and as built drawings for mainline and stations in an electronic format which can be used as a construction monitoring tool and as an input to the maintenance and operation applications to respond emergency situations during operation and maintenance stage.

The main modules of PIMS Application are:

  1. Construction Monitoring
  2. Electronic Documentation
  3. GIS mapping and GPS Survey
  4. Cadastral Documentation

Services offered are:

  1. Digitization of field inspection reports daily.
  2. Scanning and cataloguing of all project related documents.
  3. GPS survey of pipeline route and features.
  4. Procurement of satellite imagery.
  5. Cartography and feature extraction from Satellite imagery.
  6. Mapping services of pipeline route and features on Web GIS.
  7. Progress report and pipebook generation
  8. Qa/Qc and exception reporting.

The software solution must have the features to handle, manage and query data for pipeline activities;

  • Act as a Monitoring System
  • For Planning purpose and help in making decisions
  • Material tracking and usage analysis.
  • Web Based Online Solution with  real time progress
  • Online Report Generation
  • Centralized Database
  • Archive Documents online
  • Main Features
    • Web based GIS monitoring of pipeline construction activity.
    • Projection of surrounding landmarks and data with GIS co-ordinates.
    • Data updating on a daily basis.
    • Material traceability report.
    • Generation of S-curves on weight-age percentages.
    • Generation of alignment sheet using survey data.
    • Option to modify /edit alignment sheet.
    • Real time pipeline laying progress monitoring.
    • Monitor online, quality control records of progress.
    • Monitoring of material availability & quality documents.
    • Uniformity of documentation & reports.
    • Real-time creation of Pipe Book, weld book.
    • Real-time creation of welder performance reports, pipe reconciliation reports.
    • Pre-hydro test and pre-lowering compliance report generation.
    • Simultaneous monitoring from different locations, by Owner, consultant, client.
  • Planning
    • Material Procurement and Receipt control/tracking.
    • Engineering Documentation status tracking.
    • S-Curve – To assess the current project status w.r.t planned schedule for each activity as well as cumulative (weightages).
    • Velocity Cart: Work done for a particular activity in chainages week.
    • Auto generated Pipe-Book Graphical.
    • Web based Pertchart.
    • Histograms to relate progress for each date.
  • Real time Web progress monitoring.
    • Dynamic generation of DPR with planned time line & asking rate.
    • Real-time generation of PipeBook with attached ITR’s.
    • Joint Schematic with complete history of each activity for each joint.
    • The list of activities to be digitized:
      • ROW
      • Stringing
      • Bending
      • Trenching
      • Welding
      • Tie-In Welding
      • Welding Repair
      • Non Destructive Testing – Radiography/AUT
      • Non Destructive Testing – Ultrasonic Testing
      • Non Destructive –Magnetic Particle Testing
      • Non Destructive – Liquid Penetration Testing
      • Joint Coating
      • Lowering
      • Back-filling
      • Restoration
      • Hydro-testing
      • TCP/PCP
      • OFC Blowing/Jointing
      • Crossings
      • Concrete Coating
      • Coating Repair
  • Centralized Database of complete pipeline data.
    • View/Export PipeBook in real time, Daily DPR, Activity Data Sheets, Joint Schematic, Station Piping etc.
  • Generation of Qa/Qc reports.
    • Generation lowering clearance between joints.
    • Query for exceptions like joint coating done but NDT not done etc.
    • Welder performance report.
    • Unqualified welder report.
    • Duplicate pipe control.

  • Indexing and archive Documents online in a searchable format.
    • Exhaustive document/drawing scanning & indexing with searchable metadata. All preconstruction, construction, as-built and handover documents It must be searchable / viewable online.


  • GIS, Corridor management with geo-referencing.
    • Schematic corridor generated with survey data.
    • Overlay of activity progress, pipe details.
    • Attaching photos, videos, drawings, GAD’s, Isometrics in related stations, crossings, utilities etc to provide complete details of pipeline which helps O&M to identify the location, pipe details, joint details, related documents/drawings etc for disaster management.
    • Web GIS system having accurate overlay of route, features, crossings, stations etc.
    • Plotting of Cadastral map layer on GIS with corresponding data.
    • Generation of Contour map.
    • Hosting of GIS on the web.
    • Image processing and analysis of surveyed data.

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