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  • Risk Rank Pipeline Segments
  • Pipeline Safety and Reliability


  • Analyze Potential Threats, Ensure Integrity
  • Helps Mitigate Risk Factors

Pipeline Integrity Management Solutions & Consultancy

Unistal’s Pipeline Integrity Management Solution is a customized GIS based application that is required to assist pipeline operators in maintaining their pipelines in a safe and reliable condition. The system ensures operational integrity and complies with the latest regulations and standards such as AGA-3(ultrasonic Meter), AGA-4, AGA8 (Flow computation) ASME B31.8S or API 1160 etc.

The solution uses GIS to visualize the result graphically, where the tabular reports, workflow, and action (preventive maintenance action and performance) can be viewed interactively. The pipe network segment can be risk ranked which will enable Pipeline Operators to investigate each segment as per the risk priority.

The system is fully integrated with the most applicable detection techniques for each segment in case of potential hazards along a particular length of pipeline. Moreover for those hazards which produce damage that cannot be predicted/detected in advance, the most appropriate mitigation actions can be planned before any disaster.

The GIS based system will focus on reducing pipeline operation cost within acceptable reliability and safety level.

The solution helps Pipeline Operators ensuring:

  • Mechanical Pipeline Integrity is always known.
  • Potential pipeline failures can always be predicted and failures avoided.
  • The risk of pipeline burst, leakage and a possible catastrophic scenario will be reduced.
  • Due to more targeted inspection intervals and inspection points, inspection costs can be saved.
  • Assets life cycle and preventive measure can be visualized on GIS based network.

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