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"Permanent File Deletion Software"

  • Erases Data by Wiping its Contents Beyond Recovery
  • Meets Highest Standards for Wiping Information
  • Folder Structures are Erased and The Entire Drives
  • Deletes "Locked" Windows Files
  • Permanently Deletes Unused Clusters

"Data Wipe : File Eraser By Unistal "

  • Even Removes index .dat, the Swap File & "Cookies"
  • Fosters Any Capacity Hard Drive
  • Result-Oriented Software Program
  • Reliable & User Friendly Features
  • Cost Effective & Easy to Use


This application is coherently used in removing data permanently, hence it is not recoverable. Data wipe is an advance tool that ascertains file deletion, which cannot be immutable. When a data is deleted it goes into the recycle bin; moreover, when you delete data from recycle bin, it is not lost (only the path is deleted). Henceforth, if you really want your file to be permanently deleted then this immaculate application will ensure absolute loss.

A demo of this application is also provided to all clients, which be used for checking purpose.

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Why Unistal Data Wipe

  • Ensures complete data security
  • Permanently deleted data which is irrecoverable in any case
  • Provides sense of security
  • Works on Windows platform
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) employed
  • Free demo version is also available


It is a result-oriented software program, which can be certainly used by a layman without seeking any help from a technocrat. This application is certainly used in security purposes, as it clears all the data within a matter of time.




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