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Unistal started its operations in 1994 with a vision of providing products, solutions and services in the field of Data Security and Oil & Gas sector.

In the field of Data Security, Unistal provides products, solutions and services like Antivirus Software, Data Care products & solutions and Data Recovery software products & services.

In Oil & Gas sector, Unistal provides solutions and services for Pipeline Construction Management, City Gas Distribution Network, Pipeline Integrity Management, etc.

Apart from above mentioned verticals, Unistal also provides web solutions like Task Management System & Electronic Document Management solution for organizations. 

Data Security

Antivirus Software

Unistal’s Protegent Provides complete range of antivirus products. Protegent has inbuilt data recovery software apart from other utilities which make them different and unique from other antivirus products. At present, Unistal offers three products in Protegent;
• Protegent Antivirus
• Protegent Total Security Solution
• Protegent Complete Security Solution
Protegent products offer 30% to 75% extra features from competitive products in the same range. Unistal’s message “Think Beyond Antivirus….. Think Protegent “is for the user to start valuing their data apart from  protecting from virus threats. More...

Oil & Gas

Pipeline Construction Management Solution

Unistal provides PIMS (Pipeline Information Management System), a web based solution, designed to monitor the Pipeline construction progress. The mail modules comprises of Construction Monitoring and Management, Material Management, Electronic Documentation, GIS mapping and Cadastral / Land Record Management. This solution helps Project Mangers to plan effectively during the construction and allows management to have actual project status at any given day. The final data after the completion of project is utilized by Operation and Management department. This data is very useful for Integrity Management. Unistal has successfully completed more than 50 projects in India and Overseas.More...

Data Care Software

Individuals/organizations get so worried with the fear of  loss of reputation and business due to data theft, data fraud, exploitation of data etc. Unistal provides various Data Care products like Crash Proof for data loss prevention, Port Locker for data leakage prevention, Data Wipe for permanent file deletion, Locate Laptop for Laptop theft and PC Reporter for Asset Tagging and Tracking etc. to safeguard your data and assets. Unistal Has more than 5 million licensed user for its Data Care Products till date.More...

Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipeline Integrity Management Solution is a customized GIS based application that is required to assist pipeline operators in maintaining their pipelines in a safe and reliable condition. The solution uses GIS to visualize the result graphically, where the tabular reports, workflow, and action (preventive maintenance action and performance) can be viewed interactively. The pipe network segment can be risk ranked which will enable Pipeline Operators to investigate each segment as per the risk priority. More...

Data Recovery Software

To recover lost data (Files, database and Emails), Unistal has Quick Recovery product range which includes 100% risk free data recovery from desktops, servers, email and file recovery products. Quick Recovery product range also includes products for email conversion/ migration from one mailing solution to another like Lotus to MS Outlook, MS Exchange to MS Outlook etc. More...

City Gas Distribution Network

Unistal provides engineering services and consulting in GIS implementation for a standard City Gas Distribution Network. The solution and services includes survey, Network creation, Asset Mapping and flow analysis apart from other required services. Each customer connected to network shall also be mapped through GIS. More...

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