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"Protegent – Antivirus-Total Security-Complete Security"

  • World’s only Antivirus & Total Security with Data Recovery
  • Protegent 360 – Complete Security With 6 Tier Protection
  • Protegent 360 Provides 75% Extra Features
  • Protegent360- Awarded as Best Emerging Security Product

"Protegent 360- Complete Security Software"

  • Protegent Total Security to Protect and Cure Malwares
  • Monitor child Activity With Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Prevent Laptop Theft & Ensure Data Leakage Prevention
  • Sysboost to Enhance System Speed
  • Proactive Data Recovery with Crash Proof

"Protegent Enterprise Security Solution"

  • Enterprise Security Solution for Business Houses
  • Centralized Management and Reporting
  • Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Data Leakage Prevention Solution
  • Asset Management with Asset Tagging and Tracking

Protegent Antivirus & Security Products

Protegent is deciphered from French Word “Protegee”, which means “TO PROTECT”. As the name suggests Protegent products have been designed to protect your Business, child, data and computer/Laptop.

Our Products

Protegent Antivirus Solution

Protegent Antivirus Solution with its two tier protection removes malware and protects you against the latest strains of viruses, worms, Trojans and more. Its proactive data recovery module makes it most powerful solutions for your data loss prevention.More…

Protegent Total Security Solution

Protegent Total Security with its two-tier protection protects your system from all kind of viruses, spywares, malwares, rootkits. Its data loss prevention module provides 30% extra protection from any other Total Security Product.More…

Protegent360 – Complete Security Solution

Protegent Complete Security provides 6- tier protection to protect your business, data, child and laptop. Protegent360 has various unique modules which provides 75% extra protection than the best of products available globally.More…

Modules: Protegent Total Security Crash Proof Port Locker

                    Activity Reporter             Locate Laptop      SysBoost

Protegent Enterprise Security

IT assets along with the data/ file stored are heart of every organization’s business whether it is large or SME. It is very important for every organization to protect their data and assets from theft or being misused. These days the maximum theft of data has been reported within the organization. Protegent Enterprise Security is developed specially to protect organization’s data and assets from all kind of threats whether they are internal or external.More…


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Unistal Launches Summer Scheme For Partners Selling Protegent

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