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"Smart CityGAS"

  • GIS & CAD Mapping of City Gas Assets
  • Network Analysis, Outage Management, Asset & Customer Management

"Smart CityGAS"

  • Above and Underground Asset Survey
  • Web GIS and Handheld based Emergency Response

GIS CAD Engg Services

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd. is in the field of Software Solutions & GIS; where the focus  is to deliver creative and affordable technology solutions for medium to large scale businesses and Government organizations.

Unistal possesses the goal to become a global provider of Information Technology (IT) & GIS services.JPAC serves  Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Power,  Telecom & Government  Organizations. Moreover, it endeavors leadership in Oil & Gas Pipeline Information Monitoring, Control and GIS  Solutions with project footprints across the globe. Having successfully completed more than 60 Projects of 20,000 KM in length, it’s team has gained vast industry experience with strong domain knowledge. The manpower strength of over 150 employees at its state of art operations and R & D facility at NOIDA, Delhi. Mumbai and total office space across INDIA over 22000 sq. ft. All pipeline solutions are designed on International standards based on PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard). Additionally, Unistal is a member of the prestigious IPLOCA (International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association).
We have succeeded as a comprehensive solutions provider because of the well alloyed team comprising of specialists from the fields of Technology, Services, Operations and Business Management. Our varied experience  enables our services to be simultaneously vast in theory and specific in application.

Our aim is to enable our customers to harness  infinite potential of  Information Technology, thus greatly enhancing overall success through better competitive edge and more profitability.

The solutions are proffered on Open Source (LAMP), Sun Java & Microsoft.Net platforms. Consequently, we strive to provide quality software with cutting edge technologies, which helps business to manage their solutions, improve the process and optimize the business growth, thereby delivering value. Focus on architectural design and development services is the prime strength in most of the object oriented development paradigms.  

Significantly, Unistal encourages synergy between system analysts and project consultants so that proactive decisions in designing the software are taken to incorporate customer's requirements. Software projects for 'Feasibility study of city gas distribution network, web based pipeline management software, ERP-office automation, Web based CRM/ sales force automation have been successfully implemented for a wide spectrum of esteemed customers.

Furthermore, we also cater geospatial data and engineering application software solutions clients worldwide. Our strength is to offer a combination of open source geospatial data and IT services as a comprehensive solution to clients that is the unique differentiator of our company.
Our geospatial platform and open source vendor independent approach allows us to use the best-of-breed technologies from open source to develop successful client solutions.

GIS Solutions

Unistal System is a solution provider of domain focused services for Oil & Gas industry. Headquartered in New Delhi and Development center in NOIDA, JPAC has offices at Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Pune and Mumbai. We have more than 60 projects on PIMS (Pipeline Information Management System)  and our experienced engineers have designed tools and solutions for integrated Oil & Gas operations management, GIS based Asset and Integrity management Solutions, GIS based City Gas pipeline network monitoring system, conversion of CAD and legacy maps to GIS formats.

Unistal has created an integration platform comprising of a suite of advance analysis tools in the areas of reservoir monitoring, real time production surveillance, work flows for operations management, production optimization and decision support. With this we have established as the most trusted provider, consistently delivering customized, cutting edge geo-spatial and engineering solutions on time and under budget.

Moreover, we have also experienced the developing Cloud based GIS application for Custom Engineering, 3D visualization, and distributed computing.

Services Offered

3D Visualization & DEM, DTM modeling
CAD to GIS Spatial conversion and digitization
End-to-end, scalable web-based enterprise geospatial applications
Engineering and Scientific computing application development
GIS data model development and process evolution
Engineering data visualization
Real time data acquisition

GIS Services

We offer the following application development services
  1. Topographical, Geological, Geomorphologic & Remote Sensing based studies
  2. GIS for Urban Governance for Municipal Corporations using high resolution satellite data
  3. Mapping, Monitoring and Modeling of Landscape
  4. Preparation of contour, drainage and project feature maps
  5. Geography and Demography wise mapping of protected areas
  6. GIS based energy demand survey and mapping for proposed Gas / Oil / Water Pipeline
  7. GIS based energy demand survey and mapping for proposed Power line
  8. Enterprise and Web GIS applications development
  9. Geospatial data warehousing
  10. Prototype development and interfacing
  11. Electronic Documentation Linked to GIS
  12. Performing real-time GIS analysis – anytime, anywhere
  13. Analyzing spatial and non-spatial data
  14. Leveraging the power of network objects

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