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"File Quick Recovery By Unistal"

  • MS Office & MS Excel file format Recovery
  • Recovers and Repairs Damaged Access Files
  • Repair all PowerPoint Structure & Layout
  • Recovery of Corrupt Zip & PDF Files from Worst Crash

"File Data Recovery Products"

  • MS Word & MS Access File Repair Software
  • Zip & PDF File Repair Software
  • MS Excel & PowerPoint File Repair Software
  • MS Backup File Repair Software

Quick Recovery-File Repair/ Recovery Products

The data which is present on computer system includes files with various formats like Word, Excel, PDF, etc. There is certain need for good file repair or recovery software which can be used to repair/recovery these files in case of any technical issue which can lead to files lost or corruption. Unistal provides File repair/recovery software which recovers files like Ms Word, Ms Access, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, MS Backup, Zip File and PDF file.


There are several obnoxious and uninvited errors, which make a Word file completely corrupt and unusable. Thereon, Quick Recovery software for Word file repair tool is introduced, which can manage all these error scenarios into a error-free word file that can be redeemed again. The software is effectively developed with effortless features that keep a non-technically sound man free from any tension. The functionality is quick and skilled, which is determined with user-defined interface.

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Why Unistal MS Word File Repair Software

  • Result-oriented and user-friendly Software
  • Recovers corrupted Word documents
  • Recovers Word files which are affected by virus attack
  • Recovers Word files that doesn’t  open due to unexpected system shutdown
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free demo version also available



Microsoft Access file repairing software is a result-oriented program that performs retrieval of Access files that has been affected with some loss and damage. This software effectively supports in rescuing and repairing corrupt files of MS Access XP, Access 2000, Access 97 and Access 95. Steps of recovering these databases is very efficient and performs a speedy methodology.

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Why Unistal MS Access Recovery

  • Result oriented and user friendly software
  • Recovers files in scenarios:
    • "enter password" even if there is no password set for the Access Database
    • Unrecognized database format
    • .MDB cannot be accessed
    • Microsoft Jet Engine cannot open the file
    • Virus corruption
    • Improper Shutdown
  • Recover  file if encountered a problem
  • Recovers corrupted files



An Excel sheet is one of the most important aspect and requirement within the organization because it helps a user is maintaining records. But because of some uncertain technical glitches these sheets are damaged, inaccessible, or at times completely not usable. Henceforth, Quick Recovery software for MS Excel repair tool is introduced that can successfully combat all these Sheets without affecting any of the files.
The software is judiciously developed with graphical user interface technology that keeps a layman user at ease. The software is fast and does not take much of time, the speedy and expert mechanism is determined with innovative and versatile features.

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Why Unistal MS Excel Data Recovery

  • Profound software that delivers complete results to the user
  • Recover multiple corrupted files
  • Provides interactive interface
  • Initiating and executing this software is a layman’s task
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free demo version also available



MS PowerPoint is an important utility, which ensures complete recovery of lost, formatted, deleted, and corrupted PowerPoint files. This expert program offers complete and comprehensive techniques to repair any affected PPT data.
The role of this software is to extract data from corrupt .ppt file and then create a new .ppt file with the extracted data.

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Why Unistal MS PowerPoint Software

  • Rescues files successfully from:
    • Deleted data
    • Formatted data
    • Corrupted data
    • Lost data
  • Provides user-friendly interface to the client
  • Supports Ms Office 2000,2003, XP and 2007
  • Based on unique Guided File Excavation Technology
  • Free demo version also available



This is a user-defined and robust application program, which is used to recover corrupt, damaged, lost, and deleted MS backup files . This tool helps in accessing deleted .bkf format files by repairing them and restoring them. As there are many kinds of system errors that make a .bkf file inaccessible, such as accidental deletion, sudden power fault, improper shutdown, logical drive issues, accidental formatting, virus intrusions, and so on.

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Why Unistal MS Backup Recovery

  • Recovers MS backup in scenarios
    • “The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device. The backup operation will stop"
    • "The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file"
    • "The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used"
    • "An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media"
  • Recovers data if the backup files or folders are corrupted due to virus
  • Free demo version also available



Quick Recovery software for Zip file recovery is a result-oriented and feature rich program that repairs corrupt Zip files. The tool efficiently recovers: images, files, pictures, from damaged or deleted zip files. This is a fully automated program, which is equipped with versatile characteristics and defined features.
Moreover, the tool is user-friendly and very much defined for a layman user.

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Why Unistal Zip File Recovery

  • Recovers all Zip files
  • Also recovers corrupted Zip files
  • Recovers data from virus corrupted files
  • Recovers data from Zip files which is not opening
  • Solves the issue of CRC error while opening zip file
  • Based on unique Guided File Excavation Technology
  • Free demo version also available



Well, an inaccessible PDF is always a waste for your system and database; thereon installing a coherent PDF file recovery software will surely help in rescuing it back. Quick Recovery software for PDF file recovery is a determined and user-confound tool, which successfully performs the function of rescuing all the corrupt PDFs including any type of image, format, table, etc.

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Why Unistal PDF File Recovery

  • Deliver most efficient results in all instances of PDF file corruption
  • Restores all the bookmarks, notes, comments, page tree and cross table reference
  • Extract all the images of PDF file and save them to desired location
  • Based on unique Guided File Excavation Technology
  • Free demo version also available



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