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"Laptop Desktop Security Software"

  • Equipped with Unique WebSniffT Technology
  • Secure Webpage For Every User to Monitor
  • Laptop Details Like Data, Public IP, Time, Location, ISP are Reported
  • Data Encryption on Predefined Sensitive Files
  • Encrypts Data After a Particular Period

"Locate Laptop By Unistal"

  • Result-Oriented Program
  • User Friendly Steps to Report a Laptop Theft
  • Risk Free Communication of Laptop
  • Transmits Required Information to Find Laptop Location
  • Cost-Effective & Robust Technology


Locate Laptop Enterprise Security is an apt solution for remotely managing the laptop security in a close network area. This software offers remote deployment characteristics in networked laptops.

This security solution fosters a user in tracking his/her laptop at all times, and further helps in finding it if it ever gets lost. A user can seemingly monitor the location of the laptop and get notified/ alerts of all the movements connected with the enrolled laptop. If the laptop is  lost or somehow stolen, sign-in to your www.locatelaptop.com account from any PC/ location and track the location of the laptop.

This application works in a stealth mode and encrypts important or confidential data after the theft report is logged in. Furthermore, it allows in viewing their laptop location anywhere, at any time through web based reporting function because of which users can modify any applied settings successfully.

Also helps in capturing thief's image after logging the theft report.

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Why Unistal Locate Laptop (Enterprise Security)

  • Best utility to locate stolen laptop
  • Software works in stealth mode
  • Data encryption in case of laptop theft
  • Provides data safety by locating your laptop
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) employed
  • Free demo version is also available


A demo profile of the software is also available for the interested clients, to check in the application support. It is fluently helpful and keeps a client tension free.




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