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"Email Conversion Software By Unistal"

  • Effectively Converts Emails, Drafts, Notes, etc.
  • Converts OST to PST when MS Exchange Server goes Down
  • Convert DBX Items to Single or Multiple NSF Files
  • Risk Free and Cost-Effective Software
  • Supports all the versions of Lotus Notes

"Quick Recovery – Email Conversion Products"

  • OST to PST Conversion Software
  • DBX to Lotus Notes NSF Conversion Software
  • NSF to PST Conversion Software
  • NSF Address Book to Outlook PST Conversion Software
  • EDB to PST Conversion Software

Quick Recovery-Email Conversion Products


Email clients are mostly used by the users because of smooth functionality of working. At times this authenticity and freedom of communication is affected by several PC threats and an email is loss or inaccessible. The grounded errors are: synchronization fault with the server, accidental deletion of an email, virus intrusion, bad sectors, improper shutdown, sudden power failures, logical errors, and so on. Thereon, after facing these errors an email is subjected towards loss. There should be recovery software for it. Some time you decide to move from one email client to other because of some official or personal reasons then you want to transfer your old mail from one client to other. Indeed, an email is a vital attribute; therefore, it becomes significant to grab the emails back in an accessible way. But how?


Unistal provides Quick Recovery solution for email conversion. The prime therapy of this program is to follow a conversion task, wherein the entire mailbox is converted to the required format to make it usable again.

Email Conversion Products


OST to PST Email Conversion

OST to PST converter software is a third party application, which performs the function of converting inaccessible OST emails into the format of PST of MS Outlook. Errors like virus attack, accidental deletions, power faults, and so on make an OST email inaccessible. Unistal OST to PST email conversion software makes these emails accessible to the users.More…

DBX to NSF Email Conversion

Unistal provides email conversion software which converts Outlook Express .DBX file to Lotus Notes .NSF file. This is very effective and user friendly software which even individual will be able to convert all messages or select Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted items, Outbox, Drafts, and any other mail folders aptly.More…

NSF to PST Email Conversion

Unistal‘s NSF to PST email conversion is an advance software program used for converting NSF emails to PST. This conversion is done because of email client migration and there can also be an issue of email inaccessibility. This email conversion software doesn’t involve much user intervention in the conversion process.More…

NSF Address Book to Outlook PST Email Conversion

Unistal provides conversion of Lotus Notes Address Book to MS Outlook which converts NSF Address Book files to MS Outlook Address Book files in a very effective and user-friendly way. Further, the program also converts name.nsf file with its contact information.More…

NSF Calendar to Outlook PST Email Conversion

Unistal’s provides rich and secure email conversion software to converts Lotus Notes NSF Calendar to Outlook PST with its entire calendar essentials. All types and kinds of appointments, events, reminders, etc of Lotus Notes Calendar are converted to MS Outlook Calendar. The user interface of this software is very easy to understand and the user needs to follow guided steps for any conversions.More…

EDB to PST Email Conversion

Unistal’s EDB to PST Email conversion software effectively converts inaccessible EDB email files to the format of PST. There are several reasons behind inaccessibility of EDB email files such as virus attacks, accidental loss, sudden power faults and synchronization errors. This application provides advance features and effective methodology for email conversions.More…


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