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"Desktop Quick Recovery By Unistal"

  • Restores All Types of File (Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Recovers deleted files from System
  • VMware file (.Vmdk) recovery
  • Supports Linux Ext2 & Ext3 File System Recovery
  • Quick Recovery software for Linux ReiserFS

"Desktop Data Recovery Products"

  • Windows Data/Deleted File Recovery Software
  • VMware Data Recovery Software
  • Linux Data Recovery Software
  • Linux ReiserFS Data Recovery Software
  • MAC Data Recovery Software

Quick Recovery-Desktop Data Recovery Products

There are various operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac and VMware which are installed on your Desktop. To keep your data safe in your operating system from getting lost, Unistal provides Desktop data recovery software for these OS.


Quick Recovery software for Windows is an advance technology, which performs the qualitative function of recovering Windows data that has been formatted, lost, deleted, or corrupt. This application is absolutely determined with latest updated features that are cost-effective and user-desired. A layman can determinedly and promisingly initiate this application on the computer without demanding any help from a technocrat.

This software comprises the function of salvaging data that is not usable due to: accidental deletion, sudden power faults, Windows corruption, logical drive faults, virus attacks, partition failure, accidental formatting, and so on.

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Why Unistal Windows Data Recovery

  • Data Recovery from Corrupted, Damaged, Formatted and Deleted Partitions
  • Recovery logical drives data
  • Restores all types of files
  • Cloning & imaging for hard disks with bad sectors
  • Accidentally deleted files are recovered
  • Free Demo Version also available



Quick Recovery for Undelete is an advance, robust, and impressive software program. This application is used to fetch deleted data back from the OS and further restore it back on the PC. Significantly, this result-oriented software is equipped with powerful algorithm and comprises unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch). Clients who have recently deleted their data accidentally can surely install this application program on the PC for best results.

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Why Unistal Deleted File Recovery

  • Recovers files even if deleted from recycle bin
  • Recovers/Undelete your deleted files
  • Developed with Unique Guided File Excavation Technology
  • Recover unreadable or encrypted files
  • Supports Unicode multiple lingual & long file
  • Bad Sectors data recovery
  • Free Demo Version also available



Rescuing VMware files(.Vmdk) is an easy task with Quick Recovery software for VMware data retrieval tool. This is an advance and latest technology software, which performs a defensive methodology to rescue Windows Data by defying all the errors. The expert ability of this software is determined with cutting-edge functionality that is rich and productive. Consequently, the methodology and functionality of this software is speedy and performs user-friendly technique of recovery. A layman who is least technically sound can successfully initiate this technology without demanding any help.


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Why Unistal VMware Data Recovery

  • Recover VMware files (.VMDK)
  • Recover data from lost, deleted or formatted partition
  • Recovers data which is been deleted using Shift+Delete
  • Load Log & Save Log feature
  • Supports 3 modes of recovery : Quick/ Exhaustive/ Raw
  • Recovers deleted partition data even if MFT is fragmented and broken
  • Free Demo Version also available



Distinctive issues make a Linux Operating System user suffer with data loss turmoils. As there are several uninvited technical glitches to make a Windows Data inaccessible or deleted, such as: a virus intrusion, logical drive issues, accidental deletion, OS failure, hard disk corruption, malware attack, sudden power fault, and there are more. Thereon, an impressive Linux recovery software is a must to fish the data out of loss pocket!!


Quick Recovery software for Linux is an impeccable and powerful means through which all kinds of data can be rescued back successfully and therefore, restored back on the computer system. The application is developed and defined with various rich factors that possess adroit algorithms and expert functionality. A layman user can fluently perform this software without demanding an IT technocrats help!!


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Why Unistal Linux Data Recovery Software

  • Supports Linux Ext2 & Ext3 File System
  • Recovers data from inaccessible disk
  • Option to recovery specific files with specific extensions
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Free Demo Version also available



Linux ReiserFS is a computer file system and many a times due to technical errors they are lost or corrupted. Nevertheless, Quick Recovery software for Linux ReiserFS Data Recovery rescues the data from damaged/corrupt Linux Operating System where ReiserFS works as a file system like Xandros, Linspire, Elive, GoboLinux, and Yoper Linux.
This application program is promisingly developed with various versatile features that fosters in maintaining speedy mechanism in rescuing files as well as in restoring data.

This software is a Windows OS platform, there on, a user is require to connect Linux Hard disk to a Windows OS and then make all the recovery steps.


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Why Unistal Linux REISRFS Data Recovery

  • Recovers  data from corrupted Partition table/boot sector
  • Recovers data from formatted Partitions/Hard Drives
  • Recovers data from virus infected files/folders
  • Recovers data from corrupted file system and Journal/Internal node
  • Recovers accidental/intentionally deleted files/folders
  • Data recovery from corrupt/inaccessible disk
  • Works on unique Guided File Excavation Technology
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Free Demo version also available



Recovering lost and inaccessible data from MAC HFS & HFS drives is a minutes work with Quick Recovery software for Mac data restoration. This application impressively performs the quality process of recovering all the files and folders from this Operating System. In addition, the application is developed with several rich factors that make the complete process user-friendly and result-oriented.

Quick Recovery for Macintosh successfully recovers data from HFS, HFS File Systems of Mac Partition Schemes APM (Apple Partition Map), GUID Partition scheme, MBR (Master Boot Record).

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Why Unistal Mac Data Recovery

  • Efficient recovery software for Mac OS
  • Recovers data in following cases
    • Segment Loader Error
    • No Such volume
    • Bad file name
    • Bad master directory blocks
    • Directory not found
    • Not an HFS Volume
    • Not a Macintosh disk
  • Recovers data when volume headers is corrupt
  • Recovers data when catalog file’s node is corrupt
  • Recovers data which is corrupted, deleted, damaged and lost
  • Easy to install & use
  • Free demo version also available


Note: Quick Recovery for Mac is Windows based Software which recovers data from Mac Hard Drives. Install the Software on a Windows machine and connect your Mac Disk as secondary disk for recovering the data and files using Quick Recovery for Mac.

Additionally, users can also try the demo for the same. The demo rescues all the files but bars the step of restoration!!
Thereon, purchase the complete software after getting ensured with the demo.




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