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"Desktop & Server Data/File Recovery"

  • Windows, Linux & Mac Data Recovery
  • Novell Traditional & NSS Data Recovery
  • Raid0/Raid5 on Windows Data Recovery
  • Microsoft Office File Repair & PDF Repair
  • VMware Data Recovery

"Database, Email & Password Recovery"

  • Oracle & SQL Database Recovery
  • Access & DBF Database Recovery
  • MS Outlook, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes Recovery
  • IE, MS Access, Windows Messenger Password Recovery
  • MS Outlook & Outlook Express Password Recovery

"Digital Media Recovery"

  • Pen Drive Data Recovery
  • CD Recovery
  • Recovers Image Formats
  • Recovers Audio File Formats
  • Recovers Video File Formats

Quick Recovery-Data Recovery Products


Data is a most important factor for every enterprise or for any individual as well. Data which is kept on your home desktop or in office premises contains very essential information. However, sometimes in case of any uncertain flow of technical glitches, there are certain consequences which lead to data loss. Some of the reasons behind data loss are virus intrusion, accidently deletion using Shift+Delete, bad sectors, corrupted operating system etc.

Unistal provides various data recovery software which retrieves missing, deleted and formatted files and makes data recovery a layman’s job. Recovery applications are authentic and developed with several cutting-edge features that help in recovering data efficiently.


Data Recovery Products

Desktop Data Recovery

Unistal provides data recovery software which allows users to recover data from any operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac and Linux REISRFS. VMware database files can also be recovered using VMware data recovery software. More…

Server Data Recovery

Unistal provides data recovery software which allows users to recover server data various servers like VMware, Novell, Novel NSS, Raid 0, Raid 5 and Solaris. More…

Email Recovery

Apart from data, emails are also very essentials for any organization or individual. Emails contain confidential data which might get deleted/corrupted. Unistal provides email recovery software to recover emails from Outlook express, MS Outlook, Incredimail, Lotus Notes and MS Exchange.More…

Database Data Recovery

For organizations or individuals, database is the sole information medium which contains almost every data which if lost could cause big losses. Unistal provides recovery software for various databases like Ms Access, Oracle, DBF and SQL.More…

File Recovery/Repair

There might be a case that the files which are on your desktop get deleted or corrupted. Unistal provides file recovery/repair software for recovering/repairing Word files, Access files, MS Excel files, PowerPoint, MS Backup, Zip Files and PDF files.More…

Password Recovery

Passwords/Credentials are most crucial and confidential information for organizations and individuals. Sometimes passwords gets forgotten or lost which can result in severe loss for any organization/individuals. More…

Other Media Data Recovery

Data on computer system includes audio, video & image files which are not just data but memories which no one wants to lose. Unistal provides digital media recovery software to recover audios, videos and images. Unistal also provides software for recovering data from pen drive and CD/DVD. More…


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