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"Laptop Desktop Security Software"

  • Equipped with Unique WebSniffT Technology
  • Secure Webpage For Every User to Monitor
  • Laptop Details Like Data, Public IP, Time, Location, ISP are Reported
  • Data Encryption on Predefined Sensitive Files
  • Encrypts Data After a Particular Period

"Locate Laptop By Unistal"

  • Result-Oriented Program
  • User Friendly Steps to Report a Laptop Theft
  • Risk Free Communication of Laptop
  • Transmits Required Information to Find Laptop Location
  • Cost-Effective & Robust Technology

Data Recovery Service Pack

Data is the most authentic and most important aspect for an individual as well as for any business types. But, there are times when because of technical issues a PC is at threat of getting junked. Thereon, a Data Recovery Service Pack is introduces, which is an immaculate data loss prevention program that supports in curing the database stored in the PC; moreover, it fights logical crashes. This software is installed on the computer system and it certainly follows the guidelines and calculates the same by storing databases in the hard disk at a protected area. This application program recovers data even if the PC does not start-up (because of partition corruption, boot corruption, and etc), if the folders show junk or if files are deleted accidentally or by virus attacks, and so on etc.

This application is cost-effective and efficiently proffers a user-friendly interface to the users.

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Why Unistal Data Recovery Service Pack

  • Perfect AMC pack to keep your data safe
  • Install it and let all things to us
  • Keep your data safe from logical or physical loss




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