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"Port Locker By Unistal"

  • White listing Authorized USB Device
  • Feature of Blocking Print Screen
  • Provides Port Reports
  • File Transfer Log Regarding Added, Removed & Rename of USB
  • Duration can be Efficiently Scheduled

"Data Leakage Prevention Software"

  • USB drive, DVD/CD writers, Printer, IEEE 1394, Bluetooth ports, etc are locked
  • Supports Feature of USB Read-only
  • Generates Alerts on Unauthorized Access
  • Block Ports When Computer System is Idle
  • Advance Feature for E-mail Filtering


This application module fosters in security reasons, which protects our data by preventing loss. Port Locker is a software that completely increases  the level of the data security. External device ports like: USB drive, Printer, IEEE 1394, DVD/CD Writers, Bluetooth ports, PCMCIA Ports, Ethernet Ports, and etc are blocked. This application proffers two-way support to the computer and business because USB drives, Printer, PCMCIA Ports,  IEEE 1394, DVD/CD Writers, Ethernet Ports and Bluetooth port are not only used to transfer data from one PC to another; rather, they can transfer malicious software codes in another network.

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Why Unistal Port Locker

  • Data leakage prevention software
  • Prevents your confidential data from theft by unauthorized person
  • Helps to lock or unlock single port or multiple ports
  • Prevents data transfer from one system to another
  • Generates log files for port activities
  • File transfer and email filtering report
  • Works on Windows platform
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) employed
  • Free demo version is also available


Port Locker software certainly ensures shielding data from any kind of unwanted access. This tool locks multiple ports at a time and also sends alert messages when any unauthorized action is involved.




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