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  • Exploration & Production Data Management
  • Seismic Data Management


  • Services to Manage, QC, Clean, Fix and Update Data
  • Borehole Data Mangement

Exploration & Production Data Management

  • Oil and Gas E&P is technology-driven and focused on the need to evaluate information to support key exploration and production decisions. 
  • Oil companies are now managing very large volumes of E&P data and complex data types
  • Industry regulation and compliance requires the extended retention of data and associated work flows, processes and procedures within an auditable environment.
    • Our Petrotechnical Data Management team works closely with our clients to manage their data and deliver standards, best practices and tools
  • With continual advancements in technology, the rapid pace of business priorities, and the need to maintain competitive advantage, resources are under constant challenge. 
  • To control costs and operate within budget constraints, companies are seeking external resources to support projects. 
    • Our data management consultancy service helps fill these resource gaps and deliver real benefits for companies seeking E&P data solutions



Common E&P Data Management challenges…

  • Analysts and interpreters cannot locate data needed to run their business
  • Once data is found, it takes too much time to load it, format it, distribute it
  • Manipulating data is often done by analysts whereas their time is better spent analyzing
  • Data provenance is unknown -- what data is “gold” and trusted?
  • Data management processes are inconsistent and inefficient (inadequately defined)
  • Users are frustrated and are experiencing less-than-desired productivity
  • The business cannot do an appropriate inventory of their data
  • There is a lack of well defined governance (security, roles & responsibilities, standards, data policies, data ownership)
  • Data loading and exporting is not well managed, takes too long and costs too much
  • Data management systems have become complex due to Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Regulatory compliance reporting is difficult due to lack of audit trails and difficulty in locating all of the pertinent data.

Seismic Data Management

Are you drilling wells in the right location?

Proven experience and track record in ………

  •  Design and deploy systems
  •  Load and export data
  •  Facilitate tape transcription projects
  •  Manage application data (Openworks, Seisworks, R5000, Geoframe, etc.)
  •  Support and maintain artifacts (sections, media, documents)
  •  Develop and conduct vendor RFP’s
  •  Migrate seismic data (R5000, NAD 27à83)
  •  Extensive data scope – field data, processed data, gravity and magnetics, LiDAR
Key Benefits
  • Reduce cycle time
    • Immediate availability of seismic data and support documents
    • Capitalize on opportunities quicker
  • Optimize data purchases
    • Minimize seismic data losses
    • Eliminate duplicate seismic data purchases
  • Improve efficiency
    • Standardized processes and workflows
    • System that matches your needs and budgets

Borehole Data Management

Are all your borehole data managed and accessible?
Proven experience and track record in ………

  • Design and deploy scalable systems (to 100,000’s wells)
  • Well defined processes for loading, validation, publication, distribution, promotion
  • Leverage automation in loading and validation
  • Define and implement comprehensive data governance and standards
  • Develop and conduct vendor RFP’s
  • Load and export data
  • Migrate legacy data
  • Extensive data scope – well logs, cores, pressure, laboratory, images, hardcopy

Key Benefits

  • Improve business decision making
    • Via easy access to more complete and accurate data
    • From real-time to interpreted results
  • Reduce Cycle time
    • Fast data loading, validation and distribution
    • Provide easy user access to centralized data and supporting documents
    • Automate identification of provenance and quality
  • Improve efficiency and consistency
    • Standardized processes and workflows
    • Comprehensive governance

Spatial Data Management

Does your spatial data make your map believable?
Proven experience and track record in ………

    • Assess and inventory spatial data and perform lifecycle analysis
    • Integrate, consolidate, ETL and migrate spatial data
    • Architect ESRI SDE spatial data
    • Define GIS/spatial data standards
    • Consolidate and integrate with non spatially referenced data (documents, etc)
    • Design spatial Meta Data catalog
    • Design, develop and deploy Web GIS and Portals
    • Manage Raster data

Key Benefits

  • Increased confidence in data through inspection
  • Visual verification of locations
    • Lowers risk in decision making
  • Integration for easier and quicker access
    • Single view for all spatial assets
    • Seamless integration with E&P applications
  • Notification of events as they happen
    • Spatially enabled event detection (SpEED)
  • Controlled Quality and Consistency
    • Standards & Architecture (Model, Content, Metadata, Coordinate Reference Systems)

E&P Master Data Management

Is your master data truly mastered?
Proven experience and track record in………
    • Design and implement federation strategies
    • Design lifecycle processes from source to published data 
    • Manage meta data
    • Implement comprehensive data governance and standards
    • Leverage industry standard solutions (PPDM etc)
    • Experience with industry leading corporate repositories

Key Benefits

  • Ensure business decisions are supported by consistent master information
    • E.g. consistent well location across all repositories
  • Improve Efficiency
    • Streamline handling of source data
    • Leverage integral business rules
    • Design enterprise level data integration workflows
  • Improve data consistency through
    • Rigorous besting processes and tools
    • Integral data governance and standards
    • Reduced redundancy
    • Well managed meta data

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