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  • Enterprise Construction Management System
  • CAD Integrated Budgeting, Materials Planning & Controls


  • Equipment Management
  • Procurement Management

Construction ERP

Take better control of two most precious things during your business- money and time. Forget creating heaps of record books on your desk and hundreds of spreadsheets. JAC ERP has automate the entire business processes to gain better visibility in your business. JAC ERP applications and programs provide security across business-critical information

Construction ERP Modules

1. Accounts Management System

  • Auto Payments, Receipts
  • System Driven Journals
  • Custom Journals
  • Quick POs/WOs
  • Auto Ledgers, Groups
  • Auto Asset Depreciation,
  • Annual Reports, IT Setup
  • Drafts Trans, SMS Alerts
  • Cash & Bank Reconciliation
  • Auto-filled RTGS/NEFT
  • Cheque Book Controls
VAT, DP, CMI Reports

2. Bid Management System

  • Tender Navigation
  • Work Assignments & Control
  • Dynamic Documentation
  • Joint Venture Documentation
  • Eligibility Checks by System
  • Site Visit & Info Control
  • Bids Preparation
  • Project Evaluation by JAC  Budget
  • Overheads Estimation
  • Integrate to MS Project
  • Risk Mgmt& Revenue strategy
Client Correspondence

3. Corporate Management

  • Promoters, Company Info
  • Clients Info and Track Project Orders
  • Corp Resolutions
  • Financing Plans
  • Banking Info
  • Immovable Assets
  • Intangible Assets
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Certificates, Registration
  • Key Information
Credit Information Control

4. Documentation Management System

  • Paperless office
  • Inward Register
  • Outward Register
  • Letter Templates
  • Auto-fill Drafting
  • Response Tracking
  • Reminders &Ack
  • Dispatch Controls
  • Letter Furniture
  • Doc Preservation
  • Auto Mails, Alerts
Preset Headers, Footers, Stamps

5. Equipment Management System

  • Administrative Controls
  • Fueling, Manning Controls
  • Auto Logging information
  • Configure Consumables
  • Periodic Indent Controls
  • Maintenance Cycles
  • Spares & Repair Controls Hiring & Renting Mgmt
  • Owned Incorporation
  • Loans Management
  • Registrations, Taxations
  • MVA Compliances
Technical Documentation

6. HR Management System

  • Recruitment Configure
  • Entitlements
  • Administrative Controls
  • Attendance & Assignment Payrolls Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Loans & Advances
  • Statutory Entitlements
  • Taxation Controls
  • Performance Mgmt
  • PF, ESI,
  • IT Reports

7. Material Management System

  • Dispatch Controls
  • Transportation Tracking,
  • Transfers
  • Arrivals & QA, PGRNs
  • Sales Dispatches
  • Gross Trade Controls
  • Periodic Billing
  • Billing Management
  • Warehouse Mgmt
  • Stocking Mgmt
  • Issue Management
  • Disposal/Scrap Mgmt
Job Card Consumption

8. Network Management System

  • Control Panel Mgmt
  • Page Access Controls
  • User Role Mgmt
  • Custom Tutorials
  • Public Website Data
  • Project Info Content
  • Career & Vendor
  • Registration
  • RFQs & Quotation
  • Vendor Data Access
  • Vendor Entry Forms
  • Vendor Complaints,
  • Gross Trade, Bills &
Vendor Account Ledger

9. Operations Management System

  • Administration Controls
  • Tasks Masters, Attributes
  • Resource Master, Attributes
  •  Production Quotients
  • Components Vs Tasks
  • Unit of Measurements
  • CAD Integration, Budgeting, Planning, Cost Controls
  • Subcontracting, Services
  • Progress Field Logging
  • Client Billing, Revenues
  • Material Consumption
Machinery Depreciation


10. Procurement Management System

  • Indenting
  • Assignments
  • RFQs, Quotations
  • Comparative Stmt.
  • PO/WO Approvals
  • PO/WO Releases
  • Quick Orders
  • Vendor Registration
  • Taxations
  •  Auto-Filled Terms
  • Statistics
PO Powers & Limits

11. Quality Management System

  • Safety Issues
  • Health Aspects
  • Environment
  •  Best-Practices
  • Visual Aids
  • Codal Specs
  • Tech Books
  • Test-Process
  • Setting-up Lab
  • Demonstrations
  • Criteria Settings
  • Sampling

12. JAC  Apps integration With JAC  ERP

  • JAC  Budget
  • JAC  Buildings
  • JAC  3D ReBar
  • JAC  Culverts
  • JAC  Terrain
  • JAC  Slope
  • ASSET 2009
  • JAC CutFill
  • JAC  Roads
  • JAC  3D Culverts-Pipes
  • JAC  3D Culverts-Slabs
JAC  3D Culverts-Box

ERP Highlights

  1. Simplified and flawless management of critical processes of the organization like HR, Accounts, Documents, Equipment etc.
  2. Creation and updating of Company-wide master information at finger tips.
  3. Huge Data like large project drawings, organizational invoices are made possible to view online anywhere anytime on any device any platform.
  4. ERP Modules are user friendly, time-saving and cost effective.
  5. Most of the modules are fully integrated with SMS and Mails.
  6. Stress-free interface makes it simpler to access and easily communicate among clients, employees, vendors and stakeholders.
  7. Managing digital information, data backup and passwords is made easy.
  8. JAC  ERP uses latest technologies to interact with several third party applications like MS project, AutoCAD, JAC  Apps and so on. Thus no huge project data entry required.
  9. Compilation, Reporting and Compliances are completely automated.
  10. JAC  ERP enables workflow approval processes and issue control systems.

Salient Features

  1. Common across all: Capability to export the reports in excel, PDF, HTML, TXT, CSV and other formats
  2. Capability to schedule reports and run them in background
  3. Capability to deliver report in desired output format to an email address
  4. Capability to deliver report in desired output format to multiple addresses to reduce paper consumption.
  5. Capability to add text fields to the invoices, purchase orders, quotations and other printable documents & forms
  6. Capability to Print Invoices to customer with different description
  7. Capability to have work flows within the system
  8. Capability to scan and store relevant customer documents during transaction as supporting documents within the system.
  9. Capability to define customized workflows based on user requirements
  10. Capability to define parameter driven workflows. E.g. different approver or need for additional approvals may be required depending on value of purchase requisition. The system should also be able to cater scenarios such as temporary change of approver if primary approver is not available.
  11. Capability to transact inter division
  12. Capability to account for divisional P&L
  13. Capability to track every transaction with the Organization, Division, Accounting period, Profit center and optionally with the addition of project or job codes
  14. Alerts sending capability using SMS, emails, dashboard alerts
  15. Provide audit trail
  16. What is the in-built authorization process? Is a matrix possible based on nature of item (capital, HR etc) coupled with value and corporate hierarchy? Please detail the approval system for PR, PO, GRN and amendments.
  17. Conversion of reports to different file formats e.g. txt, xls, html, pdf etc
  18. Ability to export reports to excel
  19. Ability to export transactions to excel
  20. ERP can be interfaced with SMS gateway for sending SMS prompts
  21. ERP can interfaced with e-mail system for sending emails
  22. Provide details on the system access and security controls in the system
  23. ERP should have a mobile interface
  24. Provide details on the ability to have Dash boards based on predefined KPI's for the following business functions:
  25. Financials
  26. HR & Payroll
  27. Procurement & Inventory
  28. Provide details on the ability to have drill-down capabilities from the dash board to source documents

Module wise Brief

Accounts Management System

JAC  introduces ‘JAC  Accounts Management System’ to automate business processes and gain effectiveness better visibility into the area of accounts. This helps to maintain integrity and transparency of business-critical information.
Accounts Management System strengthens your financial controls with strong accounting and reporting capabilities that holds good with the universal standards- Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Bid Management System

Bid Management System (BMS) conducts business development activities to equip the enterprise with new contracts to sustain long term business. BMS is an important module to secure business for construction enterprises. Unlike other industries construction largely depends on bagging project contracts through competitive bidding. Contracts involve pledging huge financials in terms of Bank Guarantees with clients and risk association with contracts could ruin enterprises. At the same time if no business is secured under the competitive bidding, the enterprises may not sustain to bear running expenses. Therefore this module assumes top level importance to secure sustainable and calculated business opportunities. BMS manages all processes from NIT to Letter of Award (LOA). This module could be more or less equivalent to a CRM module for other industries.

Corporate Management System

Corporate Management System is the central module around which the entire business purposes revolve around. All the information and data from the incorporation of the company, day to day changes in constitution, resolutions passed during the business evolution from opening a bank account to raising of loans, entering into joint ventures, signing of contracts and so on. Any business that is secured, financial credentials that is earned, property that is accumulated, records of digital keys to access several financial accounts, banks transacted with and clientele generated over time are listed under this module. All these are considered as assets of the company and earned over the time of company history. Company data so recorded at the central place interacts with several modules frequently. For example, banks with which the company transacts business, clients from whom payments are received and projects whose value is executed appears in AMS as ledgers while integrating other business activities.

Documentation Management System

For construction business, the documentation assumes importance as the contracts and subcontracts play major role in the system requiring issuance of notices and RFQs to bind the parties to the contract. The 2-Minute-Rule says "Never postpone a task you can complete in 2 minutes or less. When a new task comes up, analyse it and if it would take just 2 minutes to complete, do it now".
Did You Know this?...... A study by the National Commission on Writing found that poor or unclear writing slows down employees and results in soaring costs. Most employers list communication skills as the second most critical job skill (attitude was number one). According to MediaMetrix, automation and business productivity tools are key differentiators in providing competitive edge for any enterprise.

Equipment Management System

Project fleet of equipment investment, ranging a few million dollars, needs to be managed as construction projects performance solely depends on efficient machines to meet schedules. Equipment Management System (EMS) manages equipment, plant and machinery assets from purchases, incorporation assign to the project execution, usage, repairs and maintenance, until disposals. EMS plays important role in project execution to supply well-maintained and efficient machines available according to project planning.

HR Management System

Human Resource Management System (HMS) takes care of entire human capital cycle right from recruitment to retirement. It handles enterprise-wide core human resources activities such as recruitment management, employee management, training, attendance & payroll, leaves, tours  and travel management, performance evaluation and loans and advance management.
All you need to do is - to recruit, configure, attendance and assign whenever required. Rest all is done  by HMS from vacation and payroll management, taxation, performance and training for the employees. For the employer, HMS forms a user based module to run the entire enterprise business. One way or the other, every employee comes under the scanner of some business function. This makes each and every employee an accountable entity.

Material Management System

Material Management Systems manages all your material and inventory required for operations. MMS automates approval processes under collaborative working environment, preparation of periodical bills and posting to accounts module, transportation and rejection management based on preconfigured values drive your business hassle free. MMS is the most important middle link to automate your business for movement of material. Once resources listed under PMS are ordered for procurement, their dispatch, route tracking, ensuring en-route documentation, delivery at premises, defining stacking methods for preservation, creating space for storages and issues/ consumptions are all just few clicks away.

Operations Management System

Operation Management System (OMS) is the central business module to perform production or execution of tasks or manufacture of finished goods involved in your business model.
OMS is the central binding module to guide business functions and processes from and to human resources, material and machinery management while involving other supporting modules for documentation, corporate, and quality managements in line with your business.
OMS conducts your construction business with proactive approach. Orders and seeks your project drawings from several JAC  Apps with integration to AutoCAD, publishes the project 3D data elements to server, use JAC  Budget to estimate costs, Sends data to MS Project and seeks a schedule allocate resources and costs with time lines. It plans day to day tasks based on master planning, indents the material and services requirement plans .
OMS automatically pulls inventory and services and pushes work in process, prepares client invoicing, makes reconciliation and so on. Scope of OMS includes contract management, project documentation and large drawings using latest graphic technologies like Silverlight, Autodesk DWF, DXF and DWG formats making project teams collaborating project work.

Procurement Management System

Procurement Management Systems is an important starting link to enterprise business to automate online purchase processes for material, machinery and services. All resources are procured under these processes from registered vendors. Groups categorized under child procurement and parent accounting groups drive separate internal processes for each of asset, service, raw material consumable or incorporated etc. Source of indent, type of Goods or Service and nature of purchase establish a fact that how an item/resource being procured and thereby makes an indirect meaning for transaction to be processed and pushed to accounts that finally transforms into inventory or otherwise.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System (QMS) comes as an application implemented within the organisation to ensure that order requirements for items and services are met. From order-entry through design, manufacturing and servicing, activities are controlled in accordance with the commitments of the QMS.

HSE/SHE Practises

Safety, Health and Environment otherwise are called as SHE in-short. Here we define Operational Control Procedures (OCPs) to be complied with while performing operations under different establishments of a corporate.


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