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"City Gas Distribution Network"

Network Survey, GIS & CAD Mapping

"City Gas Distribution Network"

Network Analysis, Outage Management, Asset & Customer Management

Engineering and Visualization for City Gas Distribution Networks

Engineering services

UNISTAL provides engineering services to its client from energy, utility, infrastructure and defense space. Our uniqueness is the galvanization of engineering technology comprising civil engineering, surveying, electrical engineering, embedded engineering, soil mechanics, piping & processing engineering and instrumentation.  We focus on the solution to client.

Our home developed engineering solution to Oil & Gas midstream organization are as following

  • Geospatial visualization and computation of demand forecast
  • Flow analysis
  • Flow assurance
  • Transmission and distribution network analysis
  • Pressure analysis
  • 3d GIS based alignment and development of As-built drawings
  • PIMS
  • Real time project visualization

Engineering consulting

UNISTAL provides engineering consulting services to its client from energy, utility, infrastructure and defense space. Our uniqueness is the galvanization of engineering technology, IT automation and concept of business management.  We render following services to our client.

  • Development of technology road map
  • Development of process document
  • Development of standards
  • Quality assurance in engineering automation
  • Optimization of resources
  • Cross platform technology integration recommendation
    • ERP with GIS
    • SCADA with GIS
    • Assets life cycle management with GIS
    • CRM with GIS … etc
  • Development of engineering requirement document and application functional detailing
  • Development of requirement Document and RFP.
  • Delivery management on behalf of client.

GIS implementation for a standard City Gas Distribution Network Includes :-

  1. Carbon Steel Pipeline network
  2. CNG Stations
  3. Valve chamber location
  4. TLP location
  5. MDPE network
  6. MDPE valve chambers
  7. DRS
  8. Domestic/commercial/industrial customers mapping.

GIS has witnessed considerable attention of governments and corporate equally in recent times, due to its ability to make complex processing possible using simple and easy to understand interfaces. With launch of number of web GIS tools like Google Earth, Google Maps, Wikimapia, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, people have started realizing role of GIS as one of the key public interface.

We have a team of experts working on cutting edge GIS tools and interfaces. Our team has got ample experience in Web GIS solutions. Our technical strength in areas of Spatial Data Analysis and Processing enables us to provide high-quality solutions in the areas of GIS applications as per the customer needs.
As against conventional proprietary complex and costly GIS solution, we provide easy-to-use, lightweight yet powerful solutions based on Open source technology. These software are being used worldwide in number of mission critical applications and are scalable to any extent. They conform to international data and metadata standards such as W3C and OGC.

Our recent experience in developing a GIS based PIMS framework for a oil & gas companies has proved that Open source GIS solutions are not only effective in terms of cost, they are also equally and even more powerful than their proprietary counterparts.

In case of e-governance sector, where citizen interaction in the most important component, these GIS interfaces have a cutting edge over others due to use of local languages in interaction.

GIS Mapping for a City Gas Network

To geo-visualize the city gas network on GIS. The biggest challenge is in developing and the correct city map which can be addressed by utilizing the high resolution (1 Mts) satellite imagery. DGPS will be used to capture the assets and station location in real world coordinates. Sophisticated surveying equipment including Total Station(TS), Ground penetrating Radar (GPR), laser distance measuring device etc. are used to capture the land use and city topology. The map will be developed on GIS in real scale which is, the distance on the map will be equal to distance on ground.

The Satellite processed data is used to update the city features on GIS. The city gas pipeline and assets are mapped on the GIS. The city gas mapping will include following

  • Mapping of pipeline network (Steel &MDPE)
  • Mapping of logical network
  • Mapping of assets
  • Mapping of consumer / Demand (residential, commercial, industrial and mixed)


Survey is done in two parts viz. pipeline survey and land-use survey. For the survey of the AOI DGPS instrument will be used for to obtain high accuracy points (at least 1M). In the pipeline survey includes main gas line of 60 km of steel pipe. It also includes service line along with CNG stations and domestic lines. The survey features which will be mapped during survey are as follows:

Features that will be mapped while carrying out network Survey are;

  • Consumer Lines
  • Branch Lines
  • Main Lines


  • Filters
  • Pipeline Markers
  • MOV/ HOV
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Regulator
  • Fittings/ Flanges
  • Receipt Stations
  • Control Centers
  • SV Stations/ TOP’s
  • TLP Pits/ OFC Pits
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Canals
  • Power Lines
  • Water Bodies
Disaster Management
  • Restricted areas
  • Police Stations
  • Fire Stations
  • Hospitals
  • Water Bodies

GIS Data Creation

Analysis of existing data: it is important to analyze the existing data (maps, satellite images, tables and reports) available with user. A process of verification will be carried out on the existing data for the authentication of the quality. It will be checked the attributes, errors of undershoots & overshoots, locations, connectivity etc. There would be some data in digital format and it will also analyze.

For the base map creation some raster maps (topo-sheets, satellite images and other paper maps) will be scanned and converted to the digital format. Than digitization will carried out and survey data would be integrated with the GIS data layers. A process of geocoding the details of the survey data and other attributes will be done in GIS environment. Than final data will be published on the web system for the client verification and other users availability.


Navigation Features on Web-GIS Solution

  • Zoom In/Zoom Out- Use the '+' and '-' buttons to zoom in and out to next/previous level respectively. You may also click on the zoom bar to directly go to a particular zoom level.
  • Selection Zoom- This is another type of zoom facility where you can select the region you want to zoom in to. You can select a particular rectangular region by dragging your mouse and that particular area is used as zoom window.
  • Pan - Use the hand symbol to move the viewing window. Double clicking on any location on the map centers the map to the clicked point.
  • Zoom to Full Extents - This is a shortcut button to go to the full map view. Clicking on this restores the map screen to the initial position with entire map visible.
  • Search Tool (English/Local Language) - Searching has never been so enjoyable before. Using this tool, you can do a text search on one or more layers to locate a particular feature. To do so, just types the text you want to search into the input text box provided in the toolbar and press enter. You may select a particular layer to search in. If you don’t specify a layer, by default all layers are searched. The results are displayed in a separate window with links to each result. Clicking on the result link takes you to that location on the map.

This is not all, to add to its functionality this tool is also capable of searching places and people's names even in local language using phonetic search i.e. type the word in English as per local language phonetic. 

  • Query Tool - This tool is provided to retrieve attributes associated with a particular entity on the map. After selecting the query tool, click on any entity on the map and you will get information associated with it in a separate window on map. If there are multiple active layers at the point where you click, you will see results from all such layers.
  • Shortest Path - This tool helps you in finding the shortest path to the place you intend to travel. It also provides an approximately calculated distance that you'll need to cover in this travel. Using this tool is also ease; you just have to select the points for which the shortest path is to be calculated.
  • Custom Query - This tool helps you to define Ad-hoc queries as per your preferences. All you have to do is select some values from a list that drops down from the select box. Its an interesting feature that'll help you understand the basic attributes of the query facility of this GIS.
  • Keymap - This is a small image that gives an overview of the entire map. For all those people unaware of the places' location in the city you can easily find out which part of the city you're currently navigating in.

Infrastructure & Implementation

  • Unistal will perform the survey using own DGPS/GPS survey instruments (Trimble).
  • The Web GIS application (PMapper) would be hosted on Unistal’s Web Server during the execution of the Project.
  • Users would be able to view the GIS features on the web from a secured URL.
  • Design and Develop a City Gas Pipeline data model as per client’s business needs and specifications.
  • Install and setup GIS Network Analytics Application on Client’s Geo Server.
  • Develop application layers and mapping.
  • Import pipeline, stations and customer data/attributes in  GIS network analytics apps based on Client’s data model.


On project completion Unistal will deliver

  • Homogeneous GIS data based on Client’s data model.
  • GIS application installed on Client’s Server
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Training

Stages for Developing a robust GIS Based City Gas Distribution Network


Development of Standard practice CAD & GIS- Manual.

Development of Standard practice Survey Manual

Standards, procedures, practices, symbols

Survey procedure and data collection format

QA/QC procedure, automation

Field Survey of  Steel Network

QA of Survey data and porting data (CAD+Attribute) in AutoCAD Map

MDPE charge area Survey

Development of real data set in GIS (CAD  to GIS)

Satellite image with processing and georeferencing
and data extract for entire city

Guidelines for print and typical formats

Project Management in AutoCAD Map - Training Document

Development of functional specification and business need

Handholding & Training f in house on real data set.

Development of GIS for all customers.

Customization on AutoCAD Map & Assets attribute development

Application Dev (shortest distance, nearest, customer affected)

Digitization of Satellite data

Publishing Open GIS (on Web for viewing, pan/zoom/search)







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