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"Activity Reporter For Business"

  • User-wise Reporting & Monitoring
  • Monitor your Employee’s Internet & Application Activity
  • Increase Employees Efficiency by 30%
  • Report can be Viewed on Email & Desktop
  • Monitor your laptop Activity in Your Absense

"Activity Reporter For Children"

  • Excellent Parenting Tool
  • Child Activity Reporting to your Email
  • Monitor Child Internet Usage Behavior
  • Monitor Child Desktop Application Usage Behavior


At times there are notorious employees too in the organization, which spent their idle time regularly on 9 to 6 basis. Thereon, to grasp their efficiency and trap their productivity an amazing business-oriented software is developed for the business enterprises. Activity reporter tool, an impressive and qualitative program, which seeks through every click, activity, and so on.

This software can be installed on the PC through which administrator can monitor. Moreover, Internet websites that are being surfed.

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Why Unistal Activity Reporter

  • Effective activity monitoring software
  • Keep track of your computer’s activity: Internet & Application activities
  • Useful for corporate and home users
  • Secure your system and network from any cyber crime
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) employed
  • Free demo version is also available


Availability of this promising and result-oriented software fosters every business enterprise to be in discipline. Additionally, keeps every transaction transparent.




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