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"Activity Reporter For Android Users"

  • Designed to Track Activity in Android Tablet & Phone
  • Keep an Eye on Younger ones and employees
  • Trace Call, Emails, Web Surfing, SMS, Locations, etc.
  • Blacklist URLs are captured & Reported
  • Application Activities are Monitored

"Android Activity Reporter By Unistal"

  • Call History is Managed
  • Email Reporting for Particular Email IDs
  • Tracks GPS Locations of Android
  • Time Based Logs are Enabled
  • Internet Activities & Website Visited are Monitored


Activity Reporter for Android is significantly designed to track what all an Android tablet or  phone user has to do on his device. This reporter software is an authentic and reliable spy to keep an eye on what your younger ones and employees are doing with their smartphones and apps. With this advance application program you can trace: calls, emails, website surfing, SMS, locations, maps, and etc. The moral behind this software is to keep your younger ones on a safer path and on your employees on a disciplined path.

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Why Activity Reporter (Android Users)

  • Security forms the foundation of any business
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Tracking each and every activity on employee’s system from mouse click to key strokes
  • Ideal surveillance tool for concerned management in organization
  • Ease of technology with the virtues of its safe and ethical usage
  • Unique Guided File Excavation Technology (GFETch) employed
  • Free demo version is also available


This software always keep the admin alert of any upcoming danger!! be it a parent or an employee, everybody can be apparently protected and shielded.





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